Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Board's meeting =)

atikah junior is in..

today i have completed the package for Board's meeting, 13 packages altogether as appeared at the photos, finally..after a month, days, minutes and seconds, i've finally managed to complete it though with some pages still requires some was a hard task to do indeed, but with courages, determinations, spirits and of course His guidance and help, the things become smooth, experiences with new hopes ;)

Friday, November 7, 2008

my current desktop & i lurve it =)

atikah junior is in..
a friend of mine forwarded this photo to my outlook email some day last week, it was so cute and i like it so, insist on having it as my new desktop look this time 10.50am got so many assignments to complete, but since today is my office retro fit day, better do something else or otherwise the things will get stuck since the remover will come at 12, guyz hope you have a happy weekend....and me? big boss asked my manager and me to join 2 days training at Impiana Hotel on behalf of him, apakah?? what a weekend..."i love it, btw" ;-)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

my company is my loyalty & my integrity

yesterday i went to Maya Hotel with my big boss =)
half a day jer dia kat situ, so 'better half' i enjoyed myself listen & listen & listen to the all big bosses comments and suggestions to the so called new project for capability development.
from that, i learned lot of new things including the thing that i have never heard before. but one thing that touched my heart, their sincere effort to grow a new leader, until one them said, we want them to be better than us; something that u can only heard from parents to their children..
hence, it makes me realized how lucky i am and how grateful i am to serve among the biggest oil & gas company in world..
sajer jer entry pembakar semangat tuh..sebenarnye aku sgt boring dan mengantuk time tuh..buktinya? tengok la gambar2 yg aku amek tuh..nasib food dia best, nak pecah perut aku makan, huhu..nape la sejak akhir2 nie kain baju kurung aku makin shrink,hehe..=.)


atikah junior is in..

kan bagus setiap bulan dalam setahun ada perayaan, boleh la aku cuti lama2, whooaa..

oh kampung ku...walau dekat, walau pon beribu batu hanyalah engkau kampungku,huhu..


lagi sebulan birthday ayah, happy birthday my love wherever u r

Thursday, October 23, 2008

alhamdulillah..makan, antara nikmat hidup *wink*

-for breakfast-

-for lunch-

-for dinner-

yesterday was a terrible day for my tummy, work hard dear..

so, untuk compensate yg kerja kuat semalam saya puasa la untuk rehatkan awak,

baikkan saya nie? huhu...

to sis. zila & fiancee dearie..

thank you for your company

in fact it was a great food day*wink*

Thursday, October 16, 2008

dearest brothers, sisters & friends..

God determines who walks into your life.
It is up to you to decide, who you let walk away,
who you let stay and who you refuse to let go..

"a friend in need is a friend in deed"

Friday, October 10, 2008

di mana kan ku cari ganti

atikah junior is in..
di mana kan ku cari ganti
serupa denganmu
tak sanggup ku berpisah
dan berhati patah
hidup gelisah
alangkah pedih rasa hati
selama kau pergi
tinggalku sendirian
tiada berteman
dalam kesepian
dunia terang menjadi gulita
cahaya indah tiada berguna
keluhan hatiku menambah derita
namun kau jua tak kunjung tiba
di mana kan ku cari ganti
mungkinkah di syurga
untuk kawan berduka
menangis bersama